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Tiny and petite and fit perfectly to ends of your feet >.<


These are omega ready please pick up your appliers from

Fit both male and female sl avatars

What is included?

Three pair of Fitted Mesh Ballet Dancer Feet sizes small, medium and large w/Hud
Fitted Ballet Mesh Slippers w/ Hud
Omega 3 style stockings tintable Hud!

The huds are very user friendly and super easy to figure out without the aid of  directions but just incase they are needed here they are: )  These directions are intended for general use if you already know the basics just skip down to the Operaton Directions for Feet Hud.



First you must find the,"Ballet Dancer Feet", folder in you inventory and open it.

Insided you will find all of the items mentioned above, you will need to wear these items as listed below;

  • Wear the alpha (the alpha hides the system feet of the secondlife avatars)
  • Add the correct feet size (try the different sizes to see which one works for you)

  (Note: be sure to detach or remove each set of feet before adding another pair so you are not wearing double items)

  • Add the ballet slippers
  • Now wear the hud or huds you want to use...



  1. Wear the hud
  2. Depending on what you want to color pick either NAIL, SKIN or STOCKING from the right hand side of the hud! Then you may follow the instructions below....

(Under each Nail,SKIN and STOCKING tabs are the reset buttons to reset orignal polish, skin or stocking selection. Just touch the words.)

How to choose my SKIN COLOR:          

  1. Pick a skin tone first either pale, medium or dark  under skin options.  
  2. To color or tint the skin pick SKIN from under the SELECT TO COLOR PANEL

After this is done you may proceed to tint and or color  with the color picker.
(You can use the magnifying glass to zoom in for a more accurate  match)
Also, you may type the color values in local chat:

         Type (set) RGB values in local chat:
         Click the microphone button under the color picker
         It will give  you 30 seconds to type them in.

  •  Reset Skin - resets the nails orginal color/tint

How to choose my NAIL POLISH:

  1. PIck a polish you want to wear from the Nail Polish Options
  2. Select NAILS from the SELECT TO COLOR panel then procede to tint or color them with the color picker
  • Reset Nail - resets the nails orginal color/tint

How to choose my STOCKINGS

  1. Pick stocking from the right hand side of the hud under SELECT TO COLOR. 
  2. Then choose which style of stocking you wold like to wear from the STOCKING OPTIONS.
  • (Please note this only changes the stocking layer of the feet if you want to use the, Omega Stocking Hud, it will apply to the feet and to your avatars body(legs).)
  • The stockings come in three different styles transparent, semitransparent and textured...

      3.You may proceed to tint/color your stockings with the color picker.


    Preview pane  
        Shows current color can be added to the memory color selection by clicking an  arrow above a memory button.
    Memory color buttons
       There are five memory buttons.  These hold any color you choose by touching the arrow above a memory button. 

       These can be reset by touching  the circular arrow located to the right hand side of them.  
    Foot Hide/Show
         To hide your feet touch the words hide feet on bottom right side of hud.
    Full Bright
         To turn this feature on and off check/un-checking the box.

SIZING....How do I make these FIT!

FITTED FEET---Fit all standard sizes!

For Male and Large Woman sizes use the Large Feet.
For other, petite and medium shapes use small and or medium feet.

The fitted feet can be tweaked through your appearance sliders.  These fit most all standard  sizes with no tweaking needed.
General guide lines, adjust the muscle, height,  fat and thickness slider to get the perfect fit for your shape. Please refer to standard sizes for accurate measurements listed in the notecard.

I hope you enjoy and have fun with them! If you need help please contact me :) Kitty

Fit both male and female sl avatars

Meshes that these feet fit:
and others...

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